It's less than one month until Christmas and we're far from ready for facing the end of the year, let alone buying Christmas presents for everyone and their nan (and our nans.) To try and stick to our ethos of keeping retail eco friendly, we wanted to give our gorgeous customers some ideas to make their gifts vintage this year. 

Maybe it is notoriously hard to buy clothes for Christmas presents - and have them like it anyway - but with our top tips here's hoping that you can snag a prezzie that is adored by the person who receives it. And if not? Here's our Christmas returns policy

Whether you're panicking about purchasing before December hits or you're taking it slow with gift getting this year, our vintage gift guide will hopefully inspire at least a couple of ideas for the loved ones in your life. 

1. A Classic Jumper

You can't always be sure with a Christmas sweater or a snazzy 80's jumper, but a quality bit of classic knit is almost universally adored. Plus, unlike it's Christmas jumper cousin, you can actually wear it for more than just one week a year. 


2. One of a Kind Custom

Take your pick from our latest line of Custom clothing, all customised by hand with tools like airbrushing, screen printing, bleaching and more to make one of a kind garments you cannot get anywhere else. A fav for the environmentally conscious, our Custom line saves damaged garments from getting chucked away. 

So if you're shopping for the more quirky among us, we'd definitely recommend putting the pennies towards a Custom item.

 3. Reworked Best Sellers

Take your pick from our rework range that also takes damaged vintage and turns it into new (and less out-there) pieces. More specifically, the Ollie dress is an almost guaranteed hit as one of our best selling products, handmade from Ralph Lauren shirts into a strappy slip dress. 

If you're not convinced by the Ollie in particular, you can check out our other rework styles that have been our trademark for years - especially the Ralph Lauren rework items.

4. Vintage Denim

Whether you're glam, goth or grunge, a classic bit of denim will never go amiss - especially a denim jacket that will go with every look. If you know your Secret Santa recipient well enough, it might be worth looking into our Custom denim or reworked denim styles but if not? A classic denim jacket is a staple in any wardrobe and will always be welcomed.

5. Champion Sweaters

You don't need us to tell ya, a Champion sweater (or any plain sweater, really) is a fan favourite. High quality and comfy af, if you haven't nicked one from a partner at one point in your life, we're sure your partner has pinched one from you. Give the gift of warmth with one of our colour block sweaters this season.

6. Jewellery

We'll be the first to admit maybe we could provide more in the way of vintage accessories - maybe our 2020 New Years resolution? - but you have to give it to us, these chokers made from salvaged hardwear are hard to pass up. The right jewellery will always make a thoughtful gift to the right person.

7. Gift Vouchers

We can't be the only ones who think gift cards get a bad rap considering the freedom they give a person. Let your loved one choose their perfect present with less stress for you and more freedom for them! We're offering online vouchers and in store gift vouchers for y'all this season (and all year around too.)

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping for the best vintage gifts out there before someone else nabs your perfect prezzie.