It feels like we've been binge watching Friends our whole life and on the most recent rerun, it's hard to avoid how great the fashion in Friends really is. While 90s style is definitely still sticking with us for a while, we thought it would be fun to dress up our favourite Friends in current trends

Taking key points from the show's styles, we've created outfits based on each character that represents how we think they would dress in 2019. (Or 2020, seeing as it's basically the new decade already.) Check em out below and see who's look you'd like to cop.

A classic blue jeans and a graphic tee look for Chandler would give him a more casual vibe in 2019 while sticking true to the 90s style of the show. Check out all our Levi's here and get this sick Disney t-shirt too for the full outfit.

Monica loved collared shirts and a whole load of denim, so we updated the look with one of our Custom skirts and a Wrangler denim jacket that has a prominent collar and overdyed colour. Monica in 2019 would love this more statement take on her casual - almost butch - outfits.

Joey's style didn't need much updating to get it on trend for 2019. An oversized sweater paired with blue jeans is a classic outfit that in't going anywhere. We've even paired it with some 90s trainers to keep the Tribiani style authentic.

The quirkiest of all the Friends, Phoebe would be all over our Custom clothing that is ethically sourced and then handmade in the UK. With all our vintage and Custom styles being one of a kind pieces, we can totally imagine Phoebe in this green tie dye velvet tee contrasted with our outline Carhartt jeans.

When you take away Ross Geller's forays into leather jeans and Frankie Says Relax crop tops, his style is comfy and classic. Pairing black denim with a striped tee is a much better look than that iconic salmon shirt he wore on the show.

The most fashion forward of all the Friends, Rachel's casual looks were just as cool as her more designer looks as the show went on. Dressing down a tie front denim top to match her waistcoat ways, we've paired it with a Custom mini skirt that ties in with Rachel's love of designer and a graphic 90s tee so we don't totally depart from the decade.

By mixing iconic 90s styles with a more modern look, we've made our Friends bang on trend while keeping true to the characters we've loved for 30 years.