A wardrobe staple for everyone, a quality vintage shirt in a flannel check is perfect for buttoning up to go anywhere requiring a smart-casual look.

Once you've got one, realising the layering potential of the vintage staple will change your wardrobe a million times over (or, as we're showing you, at least four ways.)

Whether you're getting bored of your own clothes or need a reason to justify buying another shirt, this styling blog has you covered. Go nuts buying more check patterns, because here's four ways to wear a shirt that will never go out of style. 


What can we say - it's a classic! Unbutton the shirt and pair it with your fav band tee, plain white tee or whatever happens to be clean. Shop our selection of vintage t-shirts here.


A more winter friendly on the unbuttoned shirt look, popping your favourite vintage shirt over a comfy sweater adds a grunge edge to the usual hoodie and jeans style. You can buy the yellow Champion hoodie Mitchell is wearing here.


Traditionally worn with a tee underneath, we've updated your overalls with a shirt underneath to give a more adult vibe. As we speed towards winter, a flannel shirt is so much warmer under your dungarees than a plain tee. Shop our selection of mens dungarees here.


SSo you've heard of wearing a shirt over a tee, what about wearing your vintage shirt under your fav t-shirt. We know, it's genius. This style was found everywhere during 90's grunge and can be your new look too. Shop our selection of sick vintage t-shirts here.