The yearly manic mess of mass consumption has arrived, with discounts being dumped left, right and centre, it's easy to let slip the impact of these purchases we're making. 

Fast fashion brands proclaiming 100% off is the bottom of the barrel, and as much as we want these brands to put an end to the absurd practices and do something more than green washing their poorly produced products, we can only pave the way for our own decisions and continue to speak openly and loudly about it.

Being able to buy everything with sustainability at the forefront of your mind is a privilege, and one we cannot all afford. It's a difficult conversation to navigate because no matter what you're doing, to some, it'll never be enough. We want to reassure you that no matter how small the changes you make are, the change in itself is big enough. There is an immense number of social constructs that impact the amount we can all individually help, the way in which you choose to help is one that is so incredibly personal and unique to your own circumstances.

Whether it's sorting more thoroughly through your rubbish for recycling, introducing more meat free days in your diet or trying to switch up the brands you're supporting, there's something that can hopefully fit in to your life and needs whilst also helping heal Mama Earth. 

As a company, we do not believe in the ideals that Black Friday pushes upon people, whilst it affords some to be able to purchase things they've needed for a long time, for others it introduces mass spending on things they probably didn't need before the price was so harshly slashed. 

As the practice of Black Friday does not align with us, we decided to introduce a new incentive of donating 10% of all sales made online during Black Friday to the Wildlife Trusts. In doing this, we hoped to further push the message that giving back to the Earth is more important than ever, even on the days where we're being pushed so intensely to do the exact opposite. 

As much as we love and adore everyone who chooses to shop sustainably with us, we couldn't think of anything worse than condoning the message of shopping recklessly and further damaging the ultimate goal we're working toward.

Going in to 2022, we will continue to look for further ways to contribute to the reparations of Mama Earth as a company and as always, we will keep you all informed as what we're doing and if you guys have a chance to be involved we'll let you know. 

As always, your voice will always be the most powerful tool you have. 


COW 🐮♥️