All craze twist candles are sold in pairs, please note the ombre colour way of each candle varies as it cannot be fully controlled, meaning each candle is uniquely yours!

These twist candles are hand poured using natural beeswax, and then hand smoothed and dipped for a silky finish. All waxes used are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced, including the mica dyes used, meaning they are 100% recyclable in your compost. Due to the wax and wick being 100% natural the burn is clean giving off no pollution or toxic smoke. All craze candles are scented with eucalyptus essential oil to create calm and zen.

When burning, cut wicks to ¼ – ½ inch long. This will ensure a longer burn, you may have to trim the wick whilst it is burning to avoid a carbon trap forming which will melt the wax a lot quicker. You may have to hold a flame over the wick a little longer to light a beeswax candle.

These candles are 18cm in length and approx 2cm at the base, with the candle tapering towards a the top, making them cute little additions to your candle collection.

As candles come in all shapes in sizes, it can be hard to get them to fit in all candle stick holders at ease. Our top tip is to use the hot wax of your previous candle to cement our craze candles into your candle holder. Alternatively you can gently heat the bottom end of the candle and use the hot wax to help the candle stick in the holder.

*DISCLAIMER* all craze candles are lovingly hand poured, smoothed and dipped to get the best possible finish, there can still be a few ‘imperfections’ (small marks) and due to the nature of the wax there can also be frosting - I believe this adds to the character of the candle and I work hard to ensure all candles are beautiful before being sold.